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Drive from Scarborough to Ajax

 car mileage = 14 miles = $8.19 reimbursement

The IRS standard mileage rate as of January 1, 2022 is 58.5¢ per mile driven for business, so your approximate mileage reimbursement for this trip would be $8.19 (this is for a one-way trip, double it if you're calculating round trip).

The driving distance is 23 km.  You can get Scarborough to Ajax directions.

 frequent flyer points = 12 miles

This assumes 1 point per mile, where the flight distance from Scarborough to Ajax is 20 kilometers.




 Travel time from Scarborough, Canada to Ajax, Canada

 How long is the drive?
20 minutes

Find the driving time by car from Scarborough to Ajax for a road trip, or check the cities between Scarborough to Ajax. Is it better to fly or drive from Scarborough to Ajax?

 How long is the flight?
31 minutes

This depends on the flight distance from Scarborough to Ajax which is 12 miles. Most airlines have frequent flyer programs and they usually measure by flight distance, so the flight time is just for your reference if you're planning a trip.

 Scarborough, Ontario

How far is it to Scarborough, Canada?

 Distance to Scarborough, Canada

 Ajax, Ontario

What's the distance to Ajax, Canada?

 Distance to Ajax, Canada


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